Wheel and Belt Grease

Wheel and Belt Grease (Polishing Lubricants)

Kocour lubricants are designed for wheels and belts set with aluminum oxide, silicon carbide or turkish emery grain. Often used with second or third stage polishing operations to “oil out” prior to buffing.

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Sku Images SKU Color(Shade) Sold In Grade (Consistency) Applications Price
Polishing Grease G1(585R01)
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Yellow-white TUBE Tallow grease with low melting point. Primarily for polishing wheels or belts. It is also used as a saw lubricant.
W535 LubeWax(585Y06)
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Tan TUBE Soft Solid wax With superior lubrication, it is excellent on circular or band saws, or for improved performance on grinding, sanding and drilling operations.
Polishing Grease G6(585R04)
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Cream TUBE Medium hard A higher melting point yellow tallow, medium hard grease for polishing wheels.
Polishing Grease G11(585R05)
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Cream TUBE High quality fully saponifilable tallow grease A high quality, fully saponifiable yellow tallow grease for applications where cleaning is a problem.