Liquid Buffing Compound

Liquid Buffing Compounds

A fast, efficient and economical method of applying and using buffing compounds. Air powered spray applicators can apply liquid compound to large areas of buff face on automatic equipment where bar applicators would be too bulky.

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Sku Images SKU Color(Shade) Weight Grade (Consistency) Applications Price
Liquid Coloring Compound #47(599E36)
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Green 1.5 lbs. Liquid A steel coloring compound designed for work that has a high quality polish or is free from deep surface imperfections and requires buffing for luster. Very good on aluminum.
Liquid Steel Compound #10(599E38)
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White 1.5 lbs. Liquid A blend of coarse aluminum oxides makes this compound very aggressive for those jobs requiring a heavy cut.
Liquid Steel Cut & Color Compound JCT50/5(599E41)
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Green 1.5 lbs. Liquid An all purpose liquid for cutting and coloring a wide variety of steel parts. Careful blending of several different abrasives in high quality binders make this formula very useful in the job shop environment.