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Animal Fat Free (AFF) Coloring Compound

Kocour Color Compounds are classed as: White Coloring Compound for Non-Ferrous Metals Intended for buffing non-ferrous metals where the work surface is in good condition, free of deep tool or die marks. When heavy marks are present, a cutting compound is generally used to first, cut down the surface. A second buffing operation is then performed using a white coloring compound to produce a highly reflective finish. (Coloring compound is also excellent for buffing brass plated parts to a clear bright luster.) Typically used with whole disk loose buffs, bias airway buffs or flannel coloring buffs. Red Coloring Compound for Non-Ferrous Metals Primarily used on non-ferrous metals, red rouges are called for when the metal must be buffed to a pure, unblemished, fully reflective luster. Red rouges are often used on hardware articles which are to be clear coated such as doorknobs, cabinet hardware and the very finest plumbing fixtures. Used with only the softest buff material such as canton flannel, domet flannel and seamless bias buffs. Chrome Coloring Compound This type of compound was originally developed to color buff chromium plated work to a higher, brighter luster, and to remove stains and burn marks from plating. It is now extensively used to bring up a mirror finish on steel and stainless after the metal has first been buffed with a steel cutting compound. Chrome rouges are also used for some nonferrous metal and plastic coloring operations. Used with whole disk and bias flannel and soft grades of bias cotton buffs.

Product Code Color (shade)  
AFF Coloring Compound C87(885C87FF) White View Details
AFF Coloring Compound CR-2(885G02FF) White View Details
AFF Coloring Compound KC-11(885L05FF) White View Details

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