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Animal Fat Free (AFF) Steel Compound

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Bar Steel Compound Steel or stainless steel buffing compound is composed of various grades of aluminum oxide abrasive combined with the appropriate amounts of fatty acid binders to produce "cut", "cut and color", and "coloring compounds". Listed below are a few of our more popular compositions. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of the compound is dependent on both the size of the abrasive used and the quantity of binder that holds it on the wheel. We will work with you to find the most effective and least expensive combination of products to meet your buffing requirement. Application Tip Hard metals such as steel and stainless steel require a sharp abrasive for stock removal. Such an abrasive is aluminum oxide, a man-made refractory material. It comes in 2 forms, fused and un-fused. Fused AO is hard and dark gray in color. Available in a wide range of grits, fused produces and aggressive gray cutting compound. Un-fused AO, or as it is commonly called, "Alumina", is white in color, and the softest of the two. Limited to finer grit sizes, white alumina bars produce high luster finishes. When using bar compounds, make frequent light applications to the wheel. Take care NOT TO overload or "glaze" the wheel. Too much compound will interfere with the cutting action.

Product Code Color (shade)  
AFF Steel Compound SS17(885E09FF) Yellow View Details
AFF Steel Compound SS35(885E12FF) Gray View Details
AFF Steel Compound SS45(885E17FF) Light Green View Details
AFF Steel Compound SS47(885E18FF) Gray View Details

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