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Buffing and Polishing: Bar Compound
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Aluminum/Brass Compound
Compound #127SF,2.5#(985F05SF)
Compound #115SF,2.5#(985F02SF)
Compound #171SF,2.5#(985F14SF)
Compound #233SF,2.5#(985F07SF)

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Color Compound
Chromium Compound CR2(585G02)
Chromium Compound CR6(585G06)
Chromium Compound CR15(585G07)
Chromium Compound CR163(585G09)
Special Scissor CR2 Tube(585G16)
Coloring Compound KC11(585L05)
Coloring Compound AAASF(985L01SF)
C-84SF Coloring(985L04SF)

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Greaseless Compound (Cannot ship in extreme heat)
Greaseless SR80(510V30)
Greaseless SR120(510V31)
Greaseless SR150(510V32)
Greaseless SR180(510V33)
Greaseless SR200(510V34)
Greaseless SR240(510V36)
Greaseless SR300(510V37)
Greaseless S40 (510V38)
Fine Finish 247X(985D01SF)

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Steel Compound
Steel Compound SS17(585E09)
Steel Compound SS35(585E12)
Steel Compound SS45(585E17)
Steel Compound SS47(585E18)

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